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The Arches Georges Quay

The railway arches at Tara Street has recently undergone a significant upgrade to the unused space beneath the arches transforming this underutilised area into a modern environmentally sustainable and secure cycle facility for up to 200 bicycles and includes shower, toilet and locker room facilities offering Green Reit employees everything they need to enhance their two-wheel commute.

This recently completed project highlights the versatility of the modular units supplied by Advanced Space Providers based at Eastway Business Park in Limerick. In total 13 modular units were installed in conjunction with KMD Architecture and Drumlargen Construction measuring 16ft x 8ft each, interconnected to maximise available space. Given the setting of the arches with limited daylight creating damper conditions these modular units were constructed entirely of steel and hot dip galvanised to increase their corrosion rating from C3 to C5 allowing them to withstand the toughest climate conditions. The active response to the environment in which they are placed gives some indication of what can be achieved with modular units offering adaptability where required.

The unique and challenging space at The Arches required creative design and manufacture solutions to ensure no contact would be made with the existing structure, custom heights, widths and lengths were used to ensure all required specifications were exceeded. The thirteen units themselves were delivered in the early hours of the morning by truck, offloaded and installed by forklift and weathered all within 24hrs allowing for full fit out to commence. This would not be possible with a traditional build and again shows the versatility of modular units as a valuable and cost efficient alternative.

Delivered in half the time of a traditional built these environmentally friendly 90% recyclable modular units were designed and manufactured with the NE-ZEB  standard in mind which forms part of an EU Directive for green buildings as part of the requirements offering U-Values as low as .15 surpassing current regulations. These modular units are not the cabins of old but instead a high quality energy efficient portable structure adaptable for all requirements with a 40yr+ lifespan.

The efficiency of modular units cannot be underestimated with a 6 – 8 week lead-time on the manufacture of the units themselves. An off-site construction process minimising the possibility of human error, while also causing little to no disruption to The Arches during the construction phase the option of using modular units should be seriously considered as a viable alternative in all circumstances to a traditional build.

Advanced Space Providers have a high quality unique solution that can be custom designed to suit any requirements solving any number of issues currently faced by clients looking for expansion opportunities at a greatly reduced cost. The in-house designers at Advanced Space Providers are currently working on developing new designs and materials to fully comply with NE-ZEB regulations due to come into effect in 2020.

If you would like further information on The Arches project or a consultation on how our Modular Buildings can be help reduce your costs and increase your efficiency, contact us today on +353 61 312520 or email us: info@advancedspaceproviders.com

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