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Aldi Reverse Vending Machine Modular Buildings Project Mallow

Aldi Launches A Modular Buildings Project Housing A Reverse Vending Machine at Its Mallow Store: A Step towards Sustainability

In Ireland, Aldi has taken a significant step towards sustainability by launching a reverse vending machine at its Mallow store in Co. Cork. The machine accepts plastic PET containers up to three litres in size and aluminium cans, offering customers a chance to recycle their waste and contribute towards a cleaner environment.

The installation of the reverse vending machine at Aldi’s Mallow store was made possible through a collaboration between Aldi and Advanced Space Providers (ASP) a modular buildings supplier based in Limerick. ASP was responsible for constructing a modular housing for the machine, which was designed to be installed on the live site with minimal disruption to the store’s operations.

Working within the constraints of a live site, Advanced Space Providers assembled the entire module off-site and delivered it during off-peak hours. The complete unit was then delivered and installed within three hours, allowing the store to continue its operations without any significant interruption.

Aldi Modular buildings for Plastic Recycling

ASP was a great fit to provide the modular building service for the installation of the reverse vending machine at Aldi’s Mallow store for several reasons.

Firstly, Advanced Space Providers has a proven track record of delivering high-quality modular buildings that are bespoke to our client’s needs. This was evident in the design and construction of the modular housing for the reverse vending machine.

Secondly, ASP’s modular building approach allows for greater efficiency in terms of time and cost. The entire module was assembled off-site, and then delivered during off-peak hours, which minimized disruption to the store’s operations.

Thirdly, ASP’s modular building approach is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Their construction process produces less waste and consumes less energy compared to traditional construction methods. This aligns with Aldi’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact.

Advanced Space Providers (ASP) is a leading provider of modular building solutions in Ireland. Their innovative approach to construction allows for the design and assembly of modular buildings off-site, providing a high-quality, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution to traditional construction methods.

Moreover, the installation of the machine at the Mallow store serves as an example for other retailers to follow. It shows that sustainable solutions can be implemented even within the constraints of a live site, and that collaboration between retailers and modular construction companies such as Advanced Space Providers can lead to successful outcomes.

If you would like further information on the Modular Building Solution used by Aldi in Mallow or a consultation on how our Modular Buildings can be help reduce your costs and increase your efficiency, contact us today on +353 61 312520 or email us: info@advancedspaceproviders.com

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Aldi Reverse Vending Machine

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