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St Brogan’s Secondary School

At Advanced Space Providers (ASP), we are proud to have worked at St. Brogans Secondary School to provide a high-quality modular building solution that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. Our goal is to provide energy-efficient, cost-effective, and safe modular buildings to the education sector.

One of the critical considerations for the new building was safety. The building needed to meet fire rating requirements, as it was in close proximity to the existing buildings in St. Brogans. ASP’s unique wall panel system of class A1 non-combustible mineral wool provided an industry-leading 3-hour fire-rated wall solution, satisfying local authorities, designers, and the client. This solution ensured that the building met the highest safety standards and provided peace of mind for the students, staff, and parents. The installation of the new modular building at St. Brogans Secondary School is a perfect example of how modular construction can benefit the education sector.

The energy efficiency of our wall panel system is also a critical consideration. Our wall panel system provides excellent insulation properties, which reduces heating and cooling costs. By using energy-efficient materials and construction methods, we can help schools reduce their energy consumption and save on utility bills, ultimately benefiting the school’s finances. This approach aligns with our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

At ASP, safety is always a top priority. We understand the importance of meeting safety standards, especially in the education sector. We are committed to ensuring that our modular building solutions exceed these standards and provide a viable alternative to traditional construction.

Our work at St. Brogans Secondary School demonstrates our ability to provide safe, energy-efficient, and cost-effective modular building solutions to the education sector. Our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and safety is evident in all our projects. As the demand for educational facilities continues to grow, modular buildings are an excellent option for schools looking for flexible, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions to accommodate their expanding student population.

If you would like further information on St. Brogans Secondary School project or a consultation on how our Modular Buildings can be help reduce your costs and increase your efficiency, contact us today on +353 61 312520 or email us: info@advancedspaceproviders.com

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