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Galway Hospice

Redefining Inpatient Services: The Innovative Expansion of Galway Hospice

In the face of an ever-increasing demand for specialized inpatient services, the Galway Hospice found itself consistently running at over 90% occupancy. To effectively address this burgeoning need, the hospice decided on an innovative solution – the installation of high-quality temporary accommodation, expertly designed and constructed by Advanced Space Providers.

Advanced Space Providers collaborated closely with the Galway Hospice and their design team. Their primary objective was to create a physical environment that not only met the highest design specifications and exceeded regulations but also fostered a warm, welcoming atmosphere. This delicate balance was achieved by meticulously selecting features such as lighting, floor coverings, colour schemes, and joinery that promote a feeling of warmth and comfort.

The design team took an innovative approach, allowing the maximisation of the floor area (3500sq/ft.) within a restricted site. They utilised different length, width, and height modules in their design, allowing seamless integration of the new building with the existing hospice. The result was a continuous space that is both functional and comforting for patients and staff alike.

In the interior of the building, the designers paid special attention to ensure a spacious environment. The introduction of a 3m internal floor-to-ceiling height effectively enhances the sense of space, contributing to the overall comfort of the occupants.

For more insights on how this transformational Galway Hospice project was achieved, or to explore how modular buildings can help to reduce your costs and increase your efficiency, get in touch with us today on +353 61 312520 or email us at info@advancedspaceproviders.com.

Discover the potential of innovative design and modular construction in enhancing patient care and operational efficiency in healthcare facilities.

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